Teacher, help your students to discover and develop their strengths.

Happy kids learn best!

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Benefits addressed through academic research



The student learns to identify and develop their own strengths.

 They receive positive feedback for their usage of strengths and moments of success. This leads to improved self-knowledge and learning motivation on both an individual and group level.



The teacher learns to recognize the strengths of their students and inspires her students to develop them.

Group atmosphere and school satisfaction will improve. Teaching motivation gets higher.




The whole school learns to see the good and find the strengths of each individual.

This results in improved job satisfaction and well-being of the whole school staff.
The effectiveness of the work is documented at the school level.

A positive method for teachers

How it works

Keep strengths in mind

Identify strengths and positive actions around you.


Use strengths language

Use strengths and give developmental feedback.


Capture those positive moments

Document the use of strengths. Make it a practice and a habit. Follow the development of strengths.

More than 10,000 success moments have been captured by more than 6,000 See the Good! spotters